Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My 80th Birthday Speech (English and Chinese)

JOW Yuzo, b.d. 04-12-'35

Welcome you all!  I'm very happy seeing you here to celebrate my 80th birthday.  "Life to 70 is rare since days of yore [y-o-r-e]," says an adage.  I said this at 70, ten years past and I still remember, proving my memory hasn't declined!
To have good memory, you must have good brains.  What's the method?  Everyone knows that you must acquire new knowledge and see new things, such as to go on tours and meet new friends.  But touring takes time, costs money.  To meet new friends very easy nowadays; so, I've joined Facebook.
Facebook has given me two advantages: get to know new friends; put up free advertising.  I have one ad: announce my eBook.  This book is paperless, it's displayed electronically on: Amazon Kindle tablet, iPad tablet, computer, etc.
My eBook is entitled IDEATE UNcut TAIJI proving 'the slow beats the fast', on website amazon.com/dp/B00CQTH2RM, published in 2013; initially priced at $1.9999¢ increase each year, now $3.99.  My eBook proves 'the slow beats the fast'; the numerical proof is unprecedented.  Are there believers that slow can beat fast, or have concern?  Very few, the total royalty received amounted to $31.99 last year.  
In Facebook, I've met many people, almost all practice martial arts.  Those I benefit most from, I know are top notch taiji masters, who open my eyes to new learning on theory and analysis, one called taijiquan coursing Qì method.  The coursing Qì master is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  He gifted me his authored Chinese book on coursing Qì.  Since he aims to propagate his 'coursing Qì method', I got his consent to include the synopsis of it in my eBook.  Besides this, I bought his English version and let Ernest read that.  Ernest has already finished learning the complete taijiquan routine; he transmits my taiji.  Ernest, right?
The Malaysia coursing Qì Master Wang Choon Ching recently sent me 15 short videos on taiji push-hand.  This foretells discussions with friends on taiji push-hands.  And that activity shall increase my brain functions.
      On Facebook I express opinions quite often.  For instance, I pasted this remark:  "Google taijian Master Wu Tu-nan (1884-1989) lived to 104. When near 100, he could still throw younguns. But he held promise, for internal martial artists, I think especially taijians, in old age no use for wheelchair."
— This remark led out Anthony Yap: "Old-timer Jow, can you share your own nurturance of life?"
My replyNot yet 100, how should I have nurturance of life?  If I have, it would be that I started learning taiji at 17; searched for philosophy of life; sought whether there is reincarnation.  The reliable case is India's Shanti, a documented proof of reincarnation, Google Shanti.  And science has proved, Energy is neither created nor destroyed.  Man has energy, subject to this law.  When we are here, we should follow the ancient Chinese classic Shangshu's teaching: Man has three immortalities: charity, testament, merit; all worthy pursuits.  I wrote an eBook, Master Wong Choon Ching wrote two books, which are testaments.  If they receive support, charity and merit will accrue.     
The motive for writing this book can be recalled.  From watching TV, I got the result from a science program concerning our thinking.  Our thinking, give an example, suppose you're driving and see approaching an intersection where you're going to turn left or right.  And you see the green light with count down ... 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 .. Suddenly, your cell phone sounds, interrupting your count.  Now scientific experiments have proved that whenever your thinking is interrupted,  consciousness goes into your unconscious, which means you lost real conscious actions.  You must pass 0.55 second in order to return to normal; 0.55 second, a little over half a second, you lost control of your car, a danger.  In my book, a martial artist who lost 0.55 second, lost to a taijian.
     At the time I used that number for proving the slow beats the fast and told my taiji aficionado friends, to my surprise, they had difficulty accepting, but not objecting either.  One friend was student of Bruce Lee (remember him?) and has PhD in economics.  As he and I talked about the matter of 'slow beats fast', I suddenly thought asking him this question: Can you say in one sentence what economics is about?  He was lagging not answering; was the question too hard?  The common notion is that before you put a question to someone, it's best you already have the answer.  Twenty seconds past, I then told him my summary sentence on economics: Economics is about production, services, and monetary policies.  He didn't object.
My taiji aficionado friends were skeptical of 'the slow beats the fast'; am I the only one believing it?  It's not right.  I've got to put this out at large to the public forum for people's critiques.  So, I made the decision to publish this book; publishing is production.
Here is a question: While you're driving, and your cell phone rings, in view of the info told you, what should you do?  Best to ignore it.  But if it's a real must to take the call, think: 3 2 1 0, pickup, hello!  Your thinking's not interrupted, right?  Wish you all safe driving, Good Luck.  Thank you !

歡迎光臨!好鍾意見到大家 歡聚一堂 慶祝我的 八十生日(又叫壽辰)。人生七十古來稀俗話咁講。我七十生日已經講過這句話,十年過去還記得,證明我記憶未退化!
     想記憶好、頭腦要好,什麼方法呢?大家都知道要求新知見聞,譬如去遊歷,交新朋友。但是遊歷很費時花錢;交新朋友 現時容易得很。所以我就加入了「臉書」、即係 Facebook.
     Facebook 給予兩个好處:認識很多新朋友;又可以免費賣廣告。我有一件廣告:宣告我一部電映書(又叫電子書)。這部無紙張的書,係用電映出在銀幕上,有:Amazon Kindle tablet, iPad tablet, 電腦 等等。
      我的電映書係 '意不斷太極拳' IDEATE UNcut TAIJI proving 'the slow beats the fast', 擺在網站 amazon.com/dp/B00CQTH2RM, 2013 年出版;初時賣$1.99,每年加 99仙,到今年係$3.99 一部。我的書破天荒用數字證明「以慢打快」。有沒有人信慢可以打快呢?或者關心呢?少人信,舊年總共賺錢$31.99
      我在臉書認識很多人,差點全部係練習拳擊。得益匪淺認識太極拳高手,大開眼界,俾我能學到新理解,叫做太極拳行氣法。行氣法師傅在吉隆坡,馬來西亞 Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia。佢送他著的中文書行氣法給我。因為他的宗旨在於傳播行氣法,我得了他的允許將行氣基本法附入我的電映書。另外我買來他著的英文書行氣法,俾子陽 Ernest 看。子陽已經學完整套太極拳,係我的傳人!子陽,是嗎?
      馬來西亞行氣法師傅王春清最近傳送十五份短的太極拳推手video, 叫電描吧。我將有一番同朋友討論太極拳推手嘞。總會有助於增加頭腦活動吧。
      我在臉書常表意見。我話 "Google 吳圖南(1884-1989) 太極拳家,活到 104 歲。近百齡還可以拋擲青年。他示範練習內家拳者、竊意尤其太極拳,至高齡毋需輪椅。
      Google taijian Master Wu Tu-nan (1884-1989) lived to 104. When near 100, he could still throw younguns. But he held promise, for internal martial artists, I think especially taijians, in old age no use for wheelchair." 
這話引出 Anthony Yap: 周前辈,可以分享您的养生之道吗?
[我回覆]還未到百歲、哪有養生之道?如果說有,我自十七歲開始練習太極拳,尋求人生哲學,有無輪迴。可靠的是印度的Shanti, 證明有輪迴, 可以Google Shanti. 又科學證明'能量不生不滅' (Energy is neither created nor destroyed)。人有能量也歸屬此定律。在世時應該依照尚書古訓:人之不朽有三:立德立言立功。都應該追求。我著了一電映書,王春清師傅著了兩本書、乃是立言。如得支持、就見功德。
      再說說我寫了這本書的來由。我看電視,從一个科學節目得到結果:關係我們的思維。咱們的念頭是這樣的; 舉个例,假如你正在開車,見在前頭十字路要轉左或右,而那綠燈下閃着下降數字... 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 .. 忽然你的手機響,打斷你繼續數數。科學實驗證明、凡是思維打斷了, 你的實際意識即時斷掉,意識就進入潛意識,即是你已失去實際意識指揮動作。必需要過0.55秒鐘纔能復原。0.55秒鐘, 半秒有多,這霎時間你失去駛車能力,陷入險境。我的書係利用了對手 失去這0.55秒鐘就失敗。
拳友中有位係李小龍的徒弟黃生,得經濟學博士。我講及慢打快的事,又忽然想起、問他可否以一句話總括經濟學。他遲遲未答,是否問題太深?俗例話講、向人出問題 最好自己先有答案。經過廿秒鐘,我就講出自己的一句話總括經濟學:經濟學係關於出產服務、及財政。佢冇反對。
    開車時遇到手機響怎麼辦?最好不理。但必須要收聽就諗:"3 2 1 0 拿起來聽"。你的思維沒有打斷吧?希望大家平安、利吉大是!謝謝!